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Accessibility in Online Learning, Training and Communications. Featuring Denis Boudreau

May 31, 2022

A conversation between accessibility expert Denis Boudreau and learning and development specialist Patricia Regier about online learning accessibility and digital communications. The full transcript is included below, or you can watch the whole interview view, or the podcast.

This is a fantastic value-packed conversation that I didn't want to condense. Here are the highlights of the sub-topics you will learn about:

  • Accessibility demographics & statistics - why should we care
  • Websites Pro Accessibility Tips
  • Learning Experiences online & in-person, how to make them accessible
  • How this is a smart priority for business owners
  • 3 Areas of where to start
  • 4 Website areas to focus

Full Interview Transcript Blog: https://www.regiereducation.com/online-accessibility/

Denis Boudreau Contact: https://inklusiv.ca/


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